Alive, Sara B. Gauldin’s epic tale of lovers torn apart by cruel fate, is a riveting, action-packed introduction to her new Corporeal Pull series. Alive: The Corporeal Pull, by author Sara B. Gauldin, is an intelligent, modern fantasy adventure that will definitely appeal to readers of all ages. On the surface, it’s a riveting story […]

If you think you can leave the editing and proofing process to your spell-checking app just before you upload your Great American Novel to an online vendor, then you should definitely read this article by author Cindy Dees! Last week, she took a break from her upcoming project, The Sleeping King: A Dragon Crest Novel, […]

I’ve just updated my list of favourite writing podcasts! You’ll find great new content from Novel Marketing, author Mur Lafferty, Dead Robots’ Society, Grammar Girl, and the gang at Writing Excuses. Scroll down for the linksΒ  πŸ™‚

“(B)ecause they are word people, their care with language is a joy: we work together to make their words as precise, as shimmeringly perfect as possible.” β€”Charlotte Wood on interviewing authors for her magazine. There are a lot of digital magazines out there today, many good, a few great, and most β€” well, they’re trying. […]

Sara Brooke’s latest offering, Sunken Park, promises to do for nature retreats what Jaws did for seaside resorts. After reading it, you’ll never look at a scenic rental cabin in the same way, and you’ll definitely be wary of vacation deals that look too good to be true! The story revolves around four college students […]

With traditional publishing going through an existential crisis, many writers are thinking about publishing their own work. If you’re one of them, this episode of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast offers some ideas. If you work in the publishing industry today, then you know we’re living in interesting times. Digital media are now replacing dead-tree […]

Join author Jeph Jacques and the gang at Writing Excuses podcast as they look at the potential perils, pitfalls, and epiphanies of discovery writing! Discovery writing is an exciting way to develop a story, a creative process without any framework, where you simply let the words and ideas flow from your pen. Authors such as […]

Creative Common images are an excellent way to make your projects look professional even when you’re on a budget. One of my favourite sources for images is, which offers a great selection of large-format, professional-quality images, for free. This is a super resource when you’re doing a volunteer project or your graphics budget is […]

Welcome to the sister site to my eclecticAudio blog. Like eclecticAudio, eclecticOutlets will direct you to some great podcasts; however, the similarities end right about there. I’m a writer and editor, and eclecticOutlets is all about the books, baby! It’s a writer-friendly resource for aspiring authors (like me) to use as a springboard to all […]